Philippine dried mangoes are known and consumed all over the world. But what makes the Philippine mango different from the other mango varieties around the globe? How are Philippine dried mangoes made? Are there other products made from this delicious fruit? And while the topic is being discussed, where do mangoes come from? These questions and more are answered at the Profood Gallery, a tourist facility promoting the Philippine mango through museum exhibits and a factory tour.

The Profood Gallery aims to bring in local and foreign tourists who are curious about the Philippine mango, especially the world-renowned Philippine dried mango. It also educates people about Profood International Corporation in general: its history, the products it offers, and an overview of how these products are made to meet international standards. The gallery has a museum, two small theaters where videos on Profood and the mango fruit are shown, and a one-stop pasalubong giftshoppe showcasing Profood’s products and other souvenirs that the Philippines is famous for.

For more details on the Profood Gallery, download our brochure by clicking here. Watch a teaser of the film being played in Profood Gallery’s theaters by clicking link here.

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