“Have a safe trip! Don’t forget my pasalubong!”

If you’ve lived in the Philippines or have Filipino friends, this word eventually comes up when you’re going on a trip. Pasalubong is a Tagalog word meaning a present or souvenir from someone traveling that is either given while traveling or after returning home. Pasalubongs aren’t that complicated; they don’t have to be expensive, and they certainly don’t have to be big. But when you’re strapped for time and have no idea what to buy, finding these little gifts turn into a not-so-little source of stress.

But this doesn’t have to be the case if you happen to be in Cebu. Instead, stop by the Profood Gallery Giftshoppe and let us meet all your gift-giving needs in one place! Aside from offering Profood’s products freshly made from our factory, the Profood Gallery Giftshoppe also showcases a multitude of souvenirs from all over the country including souvenir shirts, various food products, and unique Philippine-made handicrafts.

In line with the mango tour, Profood Gallery Giftshoppe also carries mango-related souvenirs, including jewelry and other decorative items made from mango seeds. The giftshoppe continues to source more items from different parts of the Philippines, so that the next time you visit, you’ll discover something new. Maybe you’ll even find a little something for yourself. Come visit us today!